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Krissy Downing

 Krissy was born in Seattle, WA on December 16, some year near the end of the 20th century and is currently craving Thai food. She has green eyes and a tiny, weird knot in her left ear as well as a small collection of rubber fish. Krissy has played the violin for more than 20 lemon-scented years and detests the very thought of anyone consuming fried liver. Even the thought of duck liver is rather repulsive. Krissy's favorite band is Modest Mouse, her favorite color is yellow, her favorite chore not to do is "the dishes," her favorite brand of toilet paper is Cottonelle, and she studied science and music in college. Previously employed as a graphic designer, Krissy now works as a self-taught, painfully humble, remarkably brilliant painter and also does technical illustration for (what's left of) the EPA. She also owns a cabinet full of various adhesives and wires to be used in the construction of a paper mache family. Krissy rather loves the wintertime, her three kitties, her fiance, her family in Seattle, traveling, finding money on the ground, cheese, sleeping, writing autobiographical paragraphs boasting numerous inconsistencies in flow as well as copious cornucopias of run-on sentences and silicone spatulas. Krissy can't quite understand why anyone wouldn't want bell peppers on their pizza.


IG: @krissydowning

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