"...I'm about to introduce you to Good Touch, a skate-minded hardcore band from Seattle. Featuring current and former members of Land of Wolves, Marginal Way, Crutuches, and Three Found Dead, the 4-piece lay down a fast-paced yet melodic style down that straddles the line between Youth Crew and '90s Fat Wreck."

Carlos Ramirez



"His linearity in his lyrical formulation, rhythmic insights, and ambient creative articulation all come together in a boisterous harmony paving the way for an individualistic flavor in his songs. He has simultaneously continued spreading his musical joy across borders while maintaining his flourishing skateboarding career. Working with Dysfunctional Family Entertainment, Tizzy TEACH’s sound stream is growing bigger into becoming a breakthrough in the scope of grunge hip-hop and its intricacies."

From:          .SPOTIFY.

"...Wild Wild Mexico manages to put a cowboy at a beach and a surfer in the desert. It is readily apparent that the group comes from a wide range of influences and also that it is very capable of integrating elements from many different genres into its own unique sound."

By Miran Kim,

Hotline - Wild Wild Mexico